Analyze your cricket skills

Cricket Skills

Cricket is a very technical game where the slightest change in the angle or the grip makes a significant difference to your performance during a game play. Cricket is a sport played using a bat and a ball, played between two teams of eleven players each. One team bats, attempting to score runs, while the opponent bowls and fields, attempting to dismiss the batsmen and restrict the score. The objective of the game is for a team to score more runs than its opponent in the stipulated number of overs or number of days.

Cricket is a highly competitive game today, especially in India where lakhs of players are taking coaching every single year. This situation calls for giving outstanding performances and being perfect in all the technical aspects. Each game is a new challenge with newer difficulties to face and overcome.

r2sTM will analyze your technical game, your posture and your performance during your game play. This Performance Analysis will help you to improve your game and enhance your skills.


  • Batting Stance
  • Bat Lift and Bat Flow
  • Stroke playing technique in both front foot and back foot game plays
  • Footwork to different length deliveries in both Fast Bowling & Spin Bowling
  • Head Position during overall game play
  • Bowling

  • Full Bowling Run up
  • Landing Stride
  • Bowling Arm at the time of Delivery and Follow Up
  • Head Position during overall game play
  • Fielding

  • Catching - high and slip catches
  • Throwing at the stumps from different angles
  • Wicket Keeping

  • Crouch – Positioning
  • Glove work
  • Footwork

  • Sample Videos