About Us

r2sTM(Road 2 Success)    Play Right. Hard.

r2sTM is a pioneering venture in SPORTS TECHNOLOGY and INNOVATION. . It was founded with an intention of catering to the sports passionate segment of the world with unadulterated, professionally exciting and TECHNICALLY ANALYZED content. r2sTM is the first ONLINE platform providing consulting services for sports coaches and players alike; that will enhance coaching effectiveness and player performance by integrating our powerful performance analysis assistance into day to day coaching programs.

Who We Are

ESPS Venture is the holding company of r2sTM. The company was formed with the simple objective of creating intrinsic value for everyone in the business. The objective of ESPS Venture is to promote sportsmanship and entrepreneurship.

It is a Partnership Firm created with the aim of shaping the entrepreneurial intents of enterprising sports and business professionals. Its partners have an experience of over 50 years in Sports and Business Management. Each of them has been professional sportsman and has worked with prominent business enterprises.

The cut-throat competition in every discipline of life needs to be combatted with equally capable techniques. While our current focus is exclusively on Sports, we hope we'll be able to effect changes in as many segments as possible in the long-run; helping them strive to achieve the Road 2 Success. The name 'r2s' is derived from our vision to help Sportspersons, Sporting Teams and Coaches achieve their goals and aspirations with the help of our highly qualified team of industry experts & analysts.

This retail version of Video Analysis is a ONE-OF-A-KIND venture, available to the masses in an Indian "Avataar". We want to give that EXTRAAA Push to the 'Jantaa' which shall enable them to connect with their Passion, thrive in their respective fields, keep them motivated and help realize their dreams..

Our Stronghold lies in:
Performing SWOT analysis of Players & Teams.

Helping teams strategize and execute Game Plans.

Provide access to actionable information to our stakeholders in the form of video based reports.

r2sTM will help aspiring coaches and academies to review their communication and organizational skills and to assess objectively the session content by recording their coaching techniques and studying their own performances during these coaching sessions. It could further enable them to seek advice or opinions from colleagues in order to improve overall performance. Our motto is Play Hard. Play Right.

Our Vision

r2sTM has a vision to merge the sporting domain with the best technology available today that would not only benefit sportspersons, but also enrich the field of sports from a holistic perspective. The aim is to enhance the sporting competitiveness and professionalism at all levels, thereby enabling the user to achieve new horizons with technology being a key catalyst in the journey. r2sTM will provide every sportsperson with new age technological support at a very nominal cost.