Lawn Tennis

Analyze your Lawn Tennis skills

Lawn Tennis Skills

r2sTMoffers world-class Technical & Posture Analysis to teams, coaches, players and students of the game for understanding various parameters, strengths & weaknesses, detailing each aspect of the said game. Our strategic inputs are derived from the analysis and reports produced by the panel of expert analysts who study the game at a granular level.
Besides analysis various skills, participants will be observed and given feedback on:
-Defence   -Attack  -Footwork  -Positioning  -Anticipation

Variation in service

  • Chop or slice service (side spin).
  • Top Spin Service.
  • Variation in Strokes

  • Cross Court Drives - forehand and back hand.
  • Down the line-forehand and backhand.
  • Full Volley forehand/backhand from mid court.
  • Half Volley

  • Forehand
  • Backhand
  • Drop

  • Drop Shots.
  • Drop Volley.
  • Others

  • Lob Strokes
  • Running approach shots

  • Sample Videos