Analyze your Football skills

Football Skills

Football refers to a sport that involves kicking a ball with the foot while negotiating varying degrees in order to score a goal. Football is the most popular sport in world and followed passionately across the world across all age groups. It is also referred to as “Soccer” and has differently developed styles of playing the sport in different regions. Football requires one ball and two teams of eleven players each to enjoy the sport. Football requires excellent body co-ordination and a very high level of personal fitness and stamina. It not only necessitates a good knowledge of correct individual play, but also the ability to work with your team and improve the overall team performance. The technicalities in this game are abundant and must be learnt proficiently for an efficient output during the match.

r2sTM will analyze your technical game, your posture and your performance during your game play. This Performance Analysis will help you to improve your game and enhance your skills.

The fast-paced nature of the game requires more SWOT Analysis and Strategic Analysis for both individual players and teams. But to perform optimally during a match, competition or even practice, one needs to perfect the below mentioned points technically.
Besides analysis various skills, participants will be observed and given feedback on:
-Defence   -Attack  -Footwork  -Positioning  -Anticipation

Dribbling, Kicking and Ball Control

Kicking fundamentals
-Instep Kick.
-Kicking with the inside of the foot.
-Kicking with the outside of the foot.
  • Lofted kicks with either foot.
  • Practice of in-swing and out-swing
  • Practice of Comer kicks - Lobbing - Clip shots, and penalty kicks with special emphasis according to new amendments
  • Stationary ball kicking (Lofted kick), right or left foot (Best foot)
  • Drop-shot (Half Volley)
  • Running with a controlled ball (Dribbling) and shooting, running from the center circle and shooting from the penalty area.
  • Passing, Inter-Passing & Tackling

  • Inter-passing between two players
  • Inter-passing among three players
  • Inter-passing among four players in different zones
  • Interception and hasty tackles
  • Sliding tackles
  • Heading from a distance
  • Goal Keeping

  • Collecting balls from basic and challenging positions, advancing & coming out and anticipation of the free(do you mean free kick??) ball situations and challenging situations.
  • Punching and Fisting high balls.
  • Defending and Saving penalty kicks.

  • Sample Videos